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Invitation for Camp Zikula 2010 (Erstellt von rallek am 15.05.2010)

Veranstaltung: CampZikula 2010

We, the german postnuke foundation (in future renamed in Zikula e.V.), are proud to invite the Zikula Community for the 7th meeting. Of course, not only the european Zikulaans are wellcome, whole the world is invited to participate!

All details can be found in our brand new campmanager (thanks to Axel). Everybody who want to participate can sign in right now. The program is not fixed today. You can give us your proposals and we try to bring this onto the agenda.

One main topic will be the future of zikula (1.3.0, doctrine, standard distribution, and so on). But also „networking“ will take place as the years before. Traditional we start with our barbeque on Friday. For Saturday we are looking for an special evening event. And in all breaks we will have time to discus with core and module developers.

So don‘t wait and sign in! The places are limited!

Zuletzt geändert von rallek am 15.05.2010

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