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Mail for the participants (Erstellt von rallek am 11.07.2010)

Veranstaltung: CampZikula 2010

Hey everybody!

the next camp is comming. Today our board talked about several items, also for the upcomming camp-zikula. We descided to make not an fixed program. We want to talk in a kind of unconference. The problem of an uncoference is very often the short time of preparation. We want to solve this by starting the topic collection right now. Therefore I opend a new wave: https://wave.google.com/wave/#restored:wave:googlewave.com%252Fw%252BzLTAUL6wd.2

Please add your suggestions and wishes there. Our target is to have the most popular items on our camp. Two items are already fixed.
1. Drak will give us a video key note (tanks to Drak in advance!)
2. our annual meeting for the members of Postnuke e.V. (Invitaion will sent out within the next days)
3. Your time ;-)

We have discussed with al lot of participants at several places about the comming topics. E.G. with Albert. He will talk about the new distribution, or Axel. he will give us a detailed overview about the situation of Modulstudio, Or Drak: he will (if we ask him ;-) ) talk about several items around 1.3.x via Video message and chat. There are so many things to talk about...Take the ideas of the past discussions and place them in our wave.

Let us know which one is the best for you or what you want to talk about (new modules, intersting website projects, business models, or what ever). I can't wait for the meeting :-)

See you soon in Georgsmarienhütte!

Zuletzt geändert von rallek am 11.07.2010

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